I Need An Account-a-bill-ity

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Mess Up, Pay Up

I can be terrible at holding myself accountable when it comes to getting things done. Like, I’ll write down so many things I have to get done but they seem to not get done unless I put myself at some risk or there is a reward involved ($$$). I know, shameless. I honestly think this all comes from just needing money as human beings so that in itself makes your personal work feel like work work when it shouldn't. But that's another post for another day.

So I thought to myself . . . what if there was a way for me to incentivize myself to get these things done? What if every time I don’t complete a task I’m fined for it and a tweet announcing my failure and shame is sent out to the public? I bet I would get a lot more things done that way. That's when I got an idea when watching the show Maniac, it's amazing. In the show, there's a method of payment called an Ad Buddy that would basically allow you to pay for things by way of being followed around by a person who reads ads to you for a certain amount of time. I loved the idea of it immediately and thought about including it in my system of forced accountability.

So let’s make one. Let’s make a simple to-do app that holds the user accountable for their task. It’s made to be a pain in the ass really, if the user doesn’t complete their task on time an amount of money is sent to a random cash app or a charity. A tweet will then be sent out with a description of the task and the amount of money donated.

If the user wants to withdraw from a task they must have someone approve the request or else the task is marked as not complete and the money is still sent out. If no user is set this can be sent to Twitter for public approval and a time limit can be imposed maybe to help keep it short. I think this is a great idea and I can’t wait to actually get shit done because of it.

  • Initially, web-based with the potential for mobile expansion (React)
  • Charities and organizations will be pre-selected.
  • No percentage taken by us, option to donate a percentage.
  • The tweet will mention the user if they link their account.
    • Will add a little extra copy shaming them if they don’t.
  • The tweet will include the task description
  • Users will need to have some funds in their piggy bank
    • They can use crypto as well if they’d like, web3 and all that right?

To be continued . . .

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Her - Video Game Scene

I've watched the movie Her several times. Mainly for the aesthetics, the tech, and inspiration when I'm looking to work on new projects. One of the main things I like about the movie is how the tech is so advanced but doesn't conform to the usual overly futuristic approach. The dystopian type.

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Project White Glove

Whenever I watch a movie like Her, I’m always so jealous about the technology in these futuristic movies and how natural and fluid they seem/integrate with the surrounding environments.