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SVI is the organization under which I do my creative work. It is a place for me to explore and experiment with new ideas and mediums. I am currently working on a few projects that focus on human-computer interaction and the preservation of our work which I hope to be releasing soon. I am also working on a few collobartive projects with various individuals to showcase their work and preserve it forever online.

Below are the projects that SEASON SIX have launched to the public.

NOMA Collectors Site

NOMA NY - Collectors Website

A members only website that was built using React, MongoDB, and Sanity CMS. This site allows for people who have been long time supporters of NOMA to view and purchase limited edition samples and pieces from their various collections. Users also have access to an online archive of all the pieces that have been released over the years and what they own.

NOMA Collectors Site

NOMA NY - Collectors Card

Customers were given a special NFC card along with their purchase of special items from the NOMA collection like their sneakers and certain outerwear pieces. The cards could be scanned and would take the customer to the members only site where they have an account waiting for them. The members only site grants the user access to sales, colelctions, early access and more.